Skipping the Chemicals

Skipping the Chemicals

Are You In Constant Agony From A Repetitive Stress Injury? 4 Reasons To Try Egoscue For Non-Surgical Pain Relief

by Ellie Mitchelle

Repetitive stress injuries occur in many hobbies and professions. You might have experienced damage to your back or shoulders after years of hammering as a roofer, or your youthful enjoyment of tennis might have left you with chronic pain as an adult. No matter where you developed your injury, you may prefer to take the least invasive route to find relief from your pain. Egoscue is a non-surgical form of therapy that involves working with a therapist to make adjustments to your posture, and giving the method a try offers you these benefits for improving your comfort and mobility.

Get a Quick Baseline Analysis With Photo Therapy

One of the most challenging parts of any type of pain relief therapy is getting started. When you're in pain, the last thing you might feel like doing is attending another appointment. You might also dread having to undergo an exam or have your body moved in ways that hurt for hours to days afterward. All of these issues can cause you to procrastinate seeking treatment. 

With this method, all you need to do to get started is send a few photos that show you standing from the side, back and front of your body. Then, the therapists will assess your posture to identify imbalances in the load on your joints. Using this information, you can then receive feedback that lets you know if you qualify for the treatment along with some exercises to get you started if you do. 

Participate In a Gentler Form of Therapy

When going to an initial consultation seems hard, the prospect of undergoing painful spinal manipulations or difficult workouts may be absolutely overwhelming. Fortunately, posture therapy uses low-impact exercises that won't injure your sore spots further. The therapy is also designed to be hands-off. Although a therapist might help guide you into the proper position during an in-person session, they don't apply deep pressure or touch your body in any way that causes you physical or emotional discomfort.

Choose Between In-Clinic or At-Home Sessions

In-clinic sessions provide you with personal support as you work through the exercises that can help you regain proper posture. But, you might also prefer to work at home when you live a busy lifestyle or struggle with mobility. 

At this point, the process is refined to the point that you can receive the same high level of support at home as you would in person. Receiving regular feedback on your progress through comparisons of your current posture to the baseline analysis photo helps you stay motivated to complete your therapy for chronic pain. 

For more info about posture therapy, contact a local professional.  


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