Skipping the Chemicals

Skipping the Chemicals

An All-In-One System That Treats Water In A Hot Tub

by Ellie Mitchelle

Sanitizing the water in a hot tub works similarly to sanitizing the water in a pool. A simple way to conduct the sanitization process is to use a floating system that contains pre-measured chemicals. 

Chemical Treatments And Issues

Chemically treating water will ensure that your hot tub is safe to enter whenever you feel like soaking in it. You will not need to deal with bacterial growth or water that is a slimy texture once the water has been effectively treated. One of the issues associated with using individual treatment products to clean water is the inconsistencies that can be encountered when measuring various chemical agents.

An end user may not be aware of how much chlorine or how much of another chemical needs to be added to the water feature they own. This can cause water to be treated improperly. If too many chemicals are added to a hot tub, anyone who enters the water may endure skin irritations. Additionally, the excessive use of chlorine, bromine, and other chemicals could cause premature wear to the interior parts of the hot tub and its cover. 

A Floating System

A floating system contains individual canisters that contain the natural components that are designed to treat water and keep the environment within a hot tub healthy. The chemical agents will slowly dissolve in the water. The ingredients within each canister have been measured precisely. An end user will not need to do anything other than open the canisters and stick the floating device within the water that is being treated.

A manufacturer of this type of product will list how long a sanitizing product will last. A floating product may effectively keep the water clean for several months. Many manufacturers design floating systems that are decorative. This type of system will be complementary to the setting within a hot tub. A kit that contains a sanitizer system may also contain some additional materials that can be used to keep water tested and disinfected.

Test strips and a shock treatment may be included with some kits. Because a hot tub sanitizer system may be designed to treat a specific amount of water, review the products that several manufacturers are advertising. Purchase the system or kit that is designed for use with the hot tub model that you own. Review the details that a manufacturer has furnished concerning how long a product will last. Once a sanitizing system is no longer effective, remove it from the hot tub and dispose of it. Replace the non-effective system with a new one.

For more information about floating hot tub sanitizer systems, reach out to a local supplier.


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