Skipping the Chemicals

Skipping the Chemicals

When Can "Healthy" People Benefit From IV Therapy?

by Ellie Mitchelle

IV therapy is often thought of as being for those who are sick or dealing with the effects of some disease. Indeed, it can be useful for the treatment of various diseases and symptoms. However, even "healthy" people — those who don't have any specific, diagnosed conditions — can benefit from IV therapy in certain situations. Here are some specific moments in your life when you may want to schedule IV therapy as a "healthy" person.

After a Flight 

Flying on an airplane can be fun, but it can also be hard on your body. The changes in air pressure can cause some stress. You may be exposed to germs on the flight, which could put your immune system to the test in fighting them off. Most people are busy with vacation activities or work-related activities when they're away, too, which adds to their fatigue and stress. Getting an IV treatment after a flight — especially a long flight — is a good idea. This will help rehydrate your body, which will bring your energy levels back up. The IV will also typically contain plenty of water-soluble antioxidants, like vitamin C, to help support your immune system as it works to protect you.

After a Big Night Out

A common way to exhaust the human body is by partying, especially late at night. If you go out to a party and drink a little more than you should, then you may wake up the next day feeling not too great. Hangovers are largely due to dehydration, but it can take a long time to rehydrate by drinking water and sports drinks alone. Getting an IV treatment will make you feel better a lot faster. The IV will almost immediately bring your hydration levels back into a healthy range, doing away with headaches, nausea, and other classic hangover symptoms.

After a Challenging Workout

If you're an active person and you participate in something like a marathon, a long-distance backpacking trip, or a weight lifting competition, then you may want to get an IV treatment afterward. These activities can not only leave you dehydrated, but they can also deplete certain nutrients in your body that can be replaced with IV treatment. Getting an IV can assist with recovery faster so you can get out there and start training again.

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