Skipping the Chemicals

Skipping the Chemicals

Recovering After A Stroke: 3 Reasons To Use Mobile Physical Therapy Services Instead Of Visiting A Clinic

by Ellie Mitchelle

Physical therapy is one of the most important components of recovering after a stroke since it allows you to relearn how to perform tasks like bathing and eating. When strokes damage areas of the brain that control movement, it results in a limited range of motion and loss of strength. Physical therapy exercises can help rebuild damaged connections in the brain, improving strength and movement.

A convenient way to recover after a stroke is to schedule appointments with mobile physical therapy services, who will come to your home in order to teach you rehabilitative exercises and gauge your progress recovering after your stroke. If you're recovering after having a stroke, read on to learn three reasons why it's a good idea to seek out mobile physical therapy services instead of attending a clinic outside of your home.

1. Eliminates the Need to Schedule Transportation

Most people are unable to drive safely after having a stroke, which makes them reliant on others for transportation to and from physical therapy appointments at a clinic. Relying on others for transportation can make scheduling appointments a hassle, which can delay the course of your treatment. If your ride to the clinic forgets about your appointment or has an emergency, you may have to cancel your appointment — this can slow down your progress rehabilitating after a stroke.

When you use mobile physical therapy services, you don't have to worry about finding transportation for your appointments. The physical therapist comes to your home, so there's no need for you to go anywhere. This can help speed up your treatment by removing the unpredictability of relying on other people for transportation.

2. Helps You Integrate Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

When you're undergoing physical therapy in order to regain movement after a stroke, it's important to regularly perform exercises at home. Your physical therapist will show you which movements to perform in order to boost your range of motion and regain your strength. When you use mobile physical therapy services, it's easier to integrate these exercises into your daily routine. All you need to do is to continue performing the movements that are taught to you by the physical therapist. When you attend a physical therapy clinic outside of your home, it externalizes your therapy and makes it easier to see it as something separate from your daily routine.

3. Makes It More Likely You'll Be Able to Continue Living Safely at Home

Finally, mobile physical therapy services can reduce the chance that you'll need to move into a nursing facility in order to receive monitored care. People move to nursing facilities when they're unable to perform normal activities of daily living, like eating meals and bathing. When a mobile physical therapist visits your home, they'll be able to show you how to safely perform these activities while you're living at home, which helps you return to a normal life more quickly and reduces the chance that you'll need care at a nursing facility.

Overall, mobile physical therapy services are often better for post-stroke rehabilitation than attending a clinic since mobile physical therapy is performed in a familiar setting. You won't need to arrange for transportation, and you'll be able to relearn how to perform activities of daily living using the furniture and items in your own home, which helps you return to normal more quickly. If you've suffered from a stroke and are undergoing physical therapy for recovery, consider scheduling appointments with a mobile physical therapist in your area in order to make the rehabilitation process more convenient.


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