Skipping the Chemicals

Skipping the Chemicals

3 Strategies To Make Older Pets With Arthritis More Comfortable

by Ellie Mitchelle

Much like humans, pets are more likely to develop arthritis as they age. Some clues your pet may be dealing with arthritis are moving differently and being less active than they were. There are several strategies to help reduce arthritic pain and make the environment more hospitable for your older pet.

Create A Comfortable Environment

It is important to create an adapted environment for your pet so they are more comfortable and can continue to navigate the household with less pain. Make sure you provide adequate bedding for your pet. When they are in pain, they are less likely to want to lie on a hard floor. Purchase a soft pet bed for them that is appropriate for their size. For example, cats and small dogs will need their beds closer to the ground so they do not have to climb up to reach their beds. If your pet's favorite spot is your bed or other furniture, invest in stairs for them to climb up, rather than jump. Another consideration, specifically for cats, is a litter box with a low entrance. This can prevent your cat from having accidents elsewhere in the house because they associate their litter box with pain.


CBD is not just popular for humans; it also works well for pets. The best approach to using CBD for your pet is to buy an appropriate tincture for them. CBD tinctures are usually different for cats, small dogs, and large dogs because they have different needs based on their size. Start with a small dose for your pet and work your way up to the full dose. It is best to divide the total amount evenly over several doses so they have a continuous supply of CBD throughout the day. Some pets can be finicky about taking a tincture, so it may be easier to inconspicuously incorporate the tincture into a meal or treat. CBD is not an instant fix, and it must be used consistently before you can determine if it is effective. Since it is not always obvious whether a treatment is working in pets, you should look for subtle cues, such as being more active by playing. Cats can be harder to judge because cats will purr whether they are content or if they are in pain and are often inactive for much of the day as they age.

Use Holistic Medicine

There is a range of holistic approaches that may help lessen inflammation from arthritis. One consideration may be certain additions to their diet, such as supplements. It is best to speak with your vet before incorporating natural treatments into their diet. Some supplements for arthritis might include turmeric and omega-3 fatty acids. Your vet might also recommend a weight-reduction plan if your pet's weight is placing additional stress on their joints. Another approach to holistic medicine is acupuncture. Acupuncture involves placing fine needles at specific points (meridians) in the body. Not only can pet acupuncture reduce arthritic pain, but it may also help your pet relax. If your pet does not tolerate acupuncture, an alternative might be acupressure, where pressure is applied to the appropriate areas of the body.

Most pets will develop some amount of arthritis as they age, and it might not always be obvious your pet is in pain. Paying attention to your pet's behavior can help you identify any discomfort early and start a combination of strategies to keep them comfortable.


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