Skipping the Chemicals

Skipping the Chemicals

A CBD Lotion To Support Pain Management Efforts

by Ellie Mitchelle

The onset of arthritis could alter your daily routine or result in your reliance upon a series of pain medications to buffer the pain. A simpler and possibly safer way to address discomfort is by applying a topical lotion that contains 1000mg CBD.

Lotions That Are Infused With CBD

Cannabidiol testing is still in its early stages, but laboratory results have demonstrated that the use of a CBD topical product could support pain management efforts. A topical product may be infused with a series of herbal plants that are noted for their soothing or aromatic properties, but this is not always the case. Some lotions are unscented and are formulated predominantly with cannabidiol, water, and natural skin moisturizers. The water that is added to a lotion will give a product its light and creamy texture. CBD is also used to create salves and creams, but these may contain less water and be heavier in comparison to a lotion.

Lotions will penetrate the upper layers of the epidermis and the soothing properties of a CBD product may take the pressure off of your joints and provide temporary relief. A CBD product can be used generously and you won't experience a series of side effects that you may have dealt with when taking various pain medications.

The Formulation Of Products

CBD isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum are the main classification groups that topical products fall into. A CBD isolate lotion contains pure cannabidiol (CBD), but lacks any THC content. A broad-spectrum topical product contains most cannabinoids and also lacks THC. A full-spectrum product contains all of the parts of a hemp plant, including a low dosage of THC. CBD products are federally regulated and must not contain more than .3 percent THC to be eligible for marketing purposes. The strength of a product is measured in milligrams and the number is representative of the active ingredient in a CBD lotion.

Product Types

A CBD lotion may be contained in a pump, a tube, a jar, or a trial-sized container. Your usage preferences, including where you will most likely administer a topical lotion will help you pick out some product types that are conveniently packaged and easily transportable.

If your arthritis tends to cause you discomfort while you are at work or running errands, purchase some small vials of lotion or one that contains a pump. Keep one of the products in your purse or briefcase, one in your vehicle, and one in the office or workstation that you utilize at your place of employment. Find 1000mg CBD lotion products near you today. 


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Skipping the Chemicals

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