Skipping the Chemicals

Skipping the Chemicals

3 Smart Reasons To Consider Using Oxygen-Free Storage For Your Medical Marijuana

by Ellie Mitchelle

When you purchase cannabis from the local dispensary, they will give it to you inside of a pill container or inside of a sealed baggy. When you purchase medical marijuana, it is normal to purchase more than you can use in a single day, which is why you need to have a safe way to store your cannabis until you are ready to use it.

Reason #1: Contain the Smell

Regardless of if you like the smell of marijuana or not, there is no denying that most cannabis flower has a strong smell. When you put your cannabis inside of an oxygen-free storage container, the container will not only keep oxygen out, it will keep the smell of the marijuana inside the container.

No odor will leak out of the container. You will be able to store your cannabis discreetly, without worrying about someone finding it or getting into it because they smell your cannabis.

Reason #2: Keep Your Cannabis Fresh

When you purchase a cannabis flower, you are purchasing a real, dried plant. You are not purchasing so synthetic material; you are purchasing organic material. Your cannabis flower, although it is dried out a bit already, will continue to dry out even further if you just leave it sitting out in the open. In fact, your cannabis flower can even get a little stale.

If you want to keep your marijuana fresh, putting the cannabis inside of an oxygen-free storage jar will help keep your cannabis fresh. By reducing your cannabis's exposure to oxygen, your cannabis will stay fresh and smell good for longer, allowing you to take your time enjoying the cannabis that you purchased.

Reason #3: Safety

Finally, putting your cannabis into an oxygen-free storage container or jar is a great way to keep your cannabis away from those who shouldn't access it. If you have pets, they will not be able to accidentally eat your cannabis when it is stored inside of a container. Pets are often attracted to the smell of cannabis, but eating cannabis is not advisable for your pets, so you want to keep your cannabis away from your pets.

Next, if you have small children, you can purchase child-proof oxygen-free storage containers that your young child will have a difficult time opening on their own, allowing you to keep your cannabis flower safe from your children.

If you purchase cannabis on a regular basis to treat your medical needs, it is time to upgrade your storage methods for your cannabis. Instead of keeping the cannabis is the plastic pill bottle or bag provided by the dispensary, you can move your cannabis into an oxygen-free storage container. This will contain the smell, keep your cannabis safe from your children and pets, all while keeping your cannabis flowers nice and fresh. 


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Skipping the Chemicals

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