Skipping the Chemicals

Skipping the Chemicals

Need A Pick Me Up During The Day? 2 Ways You Can Get More Energy To Get Your Through

by Ellie Mitchelle

It is common to become tired during the day, especially after lunch. Fortunately, if you are having this problem, there are ways you can get the energy you need to get you through. Below are two of these ways so you can get the pick me up you need to get all your work done before the sun goes down.

Drink Kratom Tea

You can purchase whole herbs kratom tea leaves that have been ground down into a powder. You can then use this powder to make the tea at home. You can also find kratom in pill form, but powder works best when making tea. The leaves contain alkaloids which can stimulate the mind, as well as offer many other benefits. You can make kratom tea yourself at home, and it is generally not difficult to do so.

One major benefit of choosing kratom tea is it enters your bloodstream much quicker than coffee or other caffeinated drink.

Besides giving you much more energy, kratom tea can also help with digestion issues, such as feeling constipated, bloated, and more. This tea may work better than over the counter products you can purchase. It may also help reduce pain, such as menstrual cramps and body aches.

You can purchase kratom powder at health food stores, as well as online.

Eat a High Carb Snack

Many people turn to soda, chocolate, or other sugary items to give them a boost. These things will increase your energy but only for a short time and then you will feel even more tired afterward, also known as a sugar crash.

Instead of this there are many healthy snacks you can bring to work with you to eat in the afternoon. For example, foods high in carbs will increase your energy. Carbohydrates are the proteins and sugars found in many foods. You will find carbs in unhealthy food, however, so you have to be careful on what you choose.

Some healthy foods that are high in carbs include bananas, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, blueberries, chickpeas and apples. These items need to be eaten in a healthy way also. For example, you can purchase natural blueberries at the grocery store, which is much better than eating a blueberry muffin.

Talk to your doctor about how many carbohydrates you should eat on a daily basis. This is especially true if you are overweight and on a diet. This is because too many carbs can make you gain weight.


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Skipping the Chemicals

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