Skipping the Chemicals

Skipping the Chemicals

Four Myths About Natural Medicine: Busted

by Ellie Mitchelle

As the standard practice of medicine begins to rely more and more on drugs and surgery, many patients have begun to seek less-invasive natural alternatives. Natural medicine has always been around—and at one time, it was the only kind of medicine there was! Still, some people are a bit skeptical about natural medicine since it can go against the mainstream. Most of this skepticism is based on myths and misunderstandings. Take a look at some of those myths so you can be sure your opinion of natural medicine is based in factual knowledge.

Myth #1: Naturopathic doctors are not real doctors.

While there may be some people claiming to be naturopathic doctors without an actual license, licensed naturopathic physicians are definitely real doctors. They attend medical school and are awarded the title of NP, or naturopathic physician, when they complete their training. Naturopathic physicians can prescribe medications and administer all other therapies that medical doctors administer in most states. (They can even perform minor surgeries.) However, they prefer to take a more natural approach whenever possible, reserving standard prescription meds and such only for instances where natural alternatives do not work.

When visiting an authentic naturopathic doctor, you are not visiting a quack or someone performing illegal treatments. Ask to see the NP's credentials if you want reassurance that they are licensed.

Myth #2: Naturopathic doctors can only help prevent disease.

It is true that naturopathic doctors prefer to take a preventative approach. This is something that is missing from standard healthcare. They prefer to encourage their patients to live a healthy lifestyle so that they don't become sick, rather than waiting for sickness to appear. However, this does not mean that your naturopath won't treat you if you do become ill. Naturopaths have experience treating a wide range of illnesses, from asthma and fertility problems to digestive issues. If they are unable to treat a problem you're suffering from, they will refer you to a doctor or specialist who can.

Myth #3: There is no evidence that naturopathy works.

Some cures and treatments your naturopath uses may not have as much research to support them as the medicines a general physician may prescribe. But this does not mean there is no evidence for their use. In many cases, the natural treatments prescribed have been used successfully for years. They may not have been rigorously studied in a laboratory environment, but that is mostly because there is no financial incentive to do so, not because they would not be found effective. The evidence is in the form of patient testimonials and centuries of safe usage.

Myth #4: Naturopathic medicine is not covered by insurance.

Whether or not this is the case does depend on your insurance plan. However, more and more insurance plans are beginning to cover natural medical treatments. Call your insurance company and ask them if they cover treatment by any of the naturopaths in your area. Even if they do not offer full coverage, they may offer a discount or reimburse you for part of the treatment. And if your insurance company does not cover the treatment, rest assured: natural medicine is much more affordable than standard medical care. Whereas you might pay $200 out of pocket for a prescription, your naturopath may recommend a $5 jar of ginseng from the nearest grocery store!

If you are tired of popping pills or are in search of a safer approach to healthcare, look for a naturopathic physician in your area. These well-trained doctors prefer less-invasive treatments, but they still have the training needed to ensure you're getting the proper care.


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Skipping the Chemicals

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